How our children learn...What play and exploration means?

Play and Exploration in early years settings means children are able to choose activities where they can engage with other children or adults or sometimes play alone, and during those activities they learn by first-hand experience – by actively ‘doing’. They need sufficient space, time and choice with a range of activities, some of which have been planned and prepared by the practitioners on the basis of their observations of individual children’s current interests, learning styles and stages of development. Defining play has been acknowledged as difficult by many authors and researchers, some arguing that it is easier to say what play is not than what it is. Observing children playing might lead one to assume that play is any or all of the following: a social learning device; a cognitive learning device; a physical learning device; fun and freedom; therapy; occupation while adults are busy. Play is said to happen in societies all over the world and is recognisable in other species, particularly in the young.

Exploring children’s imagination

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